Below are various programs I've written over the years and decided to make publicly available.

Actively maintained

Trelby - A program for writing movie screenplays. The product of my now-defunct company. Lives on as an open source project with me as the lead developer.

div-tracker - A simple web app for keeping track of your dividend income.

Sporadically maintained

Gfract - A multi-threaded fractal exploration program.


cwall - A program to keep track of which routes at indoor climbing gyms one has climbed.

cd-console - Text-mode CD player program for Linux/FreeBSD.

Gothello - Othello with a somewhat decent computer AI.

One-off hacks

pathfinder - A* path-finding algorithm implementation in Java

flip-level - Flips Unreal Tournament levels upside down.

ja2_rip - Rips the wav files out of the game Jagged Alliance 2.